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The picture shown to the right is a self portrait that was taken on a hot summer day while enjoying a beverage at a local brewery. 

If you look to the sunglasses resting on top of my cell phone you will see a reflection of me with my camera. Look closer and you will note a mural with the establishment's logo painted on the wall behind me. 

The glass is covered with condensation - which is fitting due to the 90 degree heat. But notice that while you can see through the top of the clear glass, the reflections of the lighting extends downward to show a bit of the open room.

Out in front of the glass there is a combination of new and old working together as part of the brewing process. Note the large wooden barrel and the stainless steel process piping which is purposefully blurred to form the background.           

You might ask, "Why such an explanation for a website picture?" And I would answer,  "Photography is an artistic process that captures life's moments one frame at a time and I strive to create images that push past visually pleasing - sparking interest and stimulating an emotional response.

I enjoy stopping the action of sporting events, producing portraits of people and pets of all ages and finding natural beauty "hidden in plain view."

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I look forward to hearing from you!


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